Dear Sir

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Dear Sir

I hope this mail meets you well. I duly apologize if I am interfering
with your privacy if this request is not acceptable to you.

My name is Robert Baca(ESQ) I am contacting you because you share the
same last name with our client who died of Covid-19 with his wife and
his two sons in March (2020).The Bank has been on the outlook to
contact his next of kin without success hence I contacted you since
you have same last name with our client.

I want to present you as the next of Kin / beneficiary for immediate
payment of this fund.. As of today, my client’s cash investment with
the Bank Stands at US$45 Million (Forty-Five Million
United States Dollars )

Robert Baca(ESQ)
36 Queen Street London EC4R queens land London UK.

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