Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.


I’m Mrs. Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund. I work hand in hand with the Fraud Division of INTERPOL Criminal Investigation Division (CID) specialize in background checks on funds that include: [PUBLIC/LEGAL FUNDS OR NEXT RELATIVE], consignment,Box,Lotto┬« JACKPOT, LOANS

I notice you get numerous emails from people claiming that money is coming to you, but I advise that if you are still communicating with any of them.

However, in the matter of funds, we advise you to stop all communication immediately because these people have been investigated and confirmed to be scammers.

During our investigation According to the record of data storage from our system with your e-mail address, your payment is among a list of 2 recipients categorized as: Undelivered lottery fund / unpaid fund / Incomplete transfer of inheritance funds / contracts,box delivery.

We are appalled to find that your payment has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt bank officials in an attempt to deceive your fund, leading to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delays in receiving your payment. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) have decided to pay all compensation to 150 recipients from America, Europe and Asia, and around the world via ATM Visa Card, as it is a global payment technology that allows consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments to use digital currency instead of cash and checks.

We have ensured that the payment is made to you via an ATM Visa Card, which will be issued in your name and sent directly to your address via DHL or any courier service available in your country. After you contact us, $ 8 will be credited to your ATM Visa Card, allowing you to withdraw your funds at any ATM in your country with a minimum withdrawal of $ 1 per day. Your limit can be increased to $ 2 per day at your request.

In this regard, you must contact and provide the required information to the Directorate for International Payments and Transfers as follows;

1. Your full name (first and last name)====
2. Your full address of residence and country===
3. Nationality===
4. Date of birth / sex===
5. Occupation=====
6. Telephone / fax numberA copy of your ID: ====
7. Your company e-mail address / personal e-mail address. ====

Use this code (Ref: CLIENT-6) as the subject of your e-mail address for identification and try to provide the above information to the officials below for the issue and deliver of your ATM Visa Card;

We have advised the Agent to open a private email address with a new number so that we can track this payment and communication with the transfer to prevent further delays or misdirections of your fund.

Managing Director and Chair of the International Monetary Fund

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