Trading Account History – Gary Wills,, +15106460488

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Dear Trader,

Thanks so much for reading this email. My name is Gary Wills, I am a financial Manager working in Trading. I can see that either you or your broker has opened an investment account with us on the Crypto Exchange. May I know why you are not logging into your Account? Is it an issue from your end, Or maybe a lack of experience in the Exchange?

At the time the account was opened the broker dealing with you opened a few positions on Ethereum. I can help you either close the account and withdraw whatever funds are in your name, or help you continue trading with us if that is what you wish.

In order to move forward please provide an active phone number we can reach you at, or contact me directly on WhatsApp.

Best Regards,
Gary Wills,, +15106460488
Technical Analyst & Support Manager

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