Re: From Project FundRaiser PJSC Dubai … – Nasser Al Din,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Do you seek for a loan with minimal interest rate?

Project Fund Raiser PJSC is one of the largest and most diversified business houses in the United Arab Emirates. Our main interests straddle construction, education, information technology, real estate, Renewable Energy, Hospitality, shopping and retailing, malls, sports and leisure, and other services. The geographical domain of the Project FundRaiser spans over half the world from North America to North Africa, Europe, West, and South Asia. The company has an employee base of over 5, and its current aggregate annual turnover stands at approximately AED 1 dollar.

We are a leading private financial institution based in Dubai UAE, investing in high-growth companies and supporting their long-term strategic, financial and operational development. It is one of UAE’s leading venture capital firms, with an invested interest in the people behind its businesses. Our strategy is to explore, create and realize new investment initiatives in both local and international markets.

We invest in sectors that offer high growth potential. The organization is active in principal investments, capital markets, aerospace, real estate and hospitality, industrial and sustainable technologies, strategic financial investments, specialized education, healthcare services, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining, Energy, Shopping and Retailing, Malls etc.

Project FundRaiser is currently financing international projects through equity partnership and debt financing at 90% interest rate per annum on long/short term investment projects that can generate up to 10% Return on Investment (ROI) within the period.
With an Investment portfolio range of a minimum of $1 and maximum of $1.10 with a loan duration period of 1 day.

If our offer for cooperation is welcomed by your organization, feel free to revert back via my email for further information on how to proceed.

Kind regards,
Nasser Al Din,
Project Consultant
Project Fund Raiser PJSC UAE

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