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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Dear Beneficiary,

The Remittance of Your Fund $1 To Your Personal Bank Account: I believe you are alive and doing well to be reading this important and urgent E-mail from the sub-regional office of the Barclays Banking UNITED KINGDOM,I am writing you this mail with urgent concern to officially inform you that our GPS Network Server System (GPS NSS) recently detected? an unknown Funds Transfer Payment File system.

(FTP File) valued at $10.5million, after our investigation on the FTP file we discovered your name and data information on the file confirming you as the Payment Receiver so we presented the FTP file to the World Bank Department of Europe sub-region, therefore we have now been authorized to wire this fund directly to your Personal Bank Account because your Fund Transfer Payment file was officially cleared with a Bill of Clean Sheet as your name and data information wasclearly verified on the FTP file that was detected by our GPS NSS. Wealso wish to inform you that a Domiciliary Account must be opened foryou here in our bank where your fund must be lodged in before it is properly processed for our Online Bank Transfer, so you are also requested to fill out the Account Opening Form as requested bellow for the (Non residential account).
Your First Name:
Your Middle Name:
Your Last Name:
Your Address:
Your Occupation:
Marital Status Date of Birth:
Next of Kin:
Tel Number:
Mobile Number:
Private E-mail:
Company Name and Address:
A photo of your ID or Passport:
Finally, do bear in mind that once we confirm the requested information above from you we shall effect your Fund Transfer within
24hrs immediately.If you have any question or inquiry please feel free to ask our Customer Fulfillment Center.Thank you for your
understanding as we hope to hear from you soon.

Eric Evans,, +12023896080
Regional Director
Barclays Banking Online transfer Services
United Kingdom.

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