My Beloved Good day, – Rose James,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

My Beloved Good day,

Do not be dismayed on how I reached you because i got your email today
in the course of my search for a sincere individual who will handle my
bad debt, i decided to reach you because I know good people still exists
and I have prayed to get one who will accomplish my heart desires, but
before I continue, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Mrs. Rose James, 18yrs old and a converted born again
Christian. I am originally from London, but my late husband is from
Ivory Coast. I am suffering from long term cancer of the breast before
My husband died, I contacted you personally because my doctor told me
few days ago that I have one (20) years to live before I die. I’ve
decided to contact you to help me develop divine mission projects in
your country (Charity projects). I collected your email address during
my desperate search on the internet and I prayed over it and the
spirit of our Satan directed me to you as an honest person who
can assist me to fulfill my wish here on earth.

I have (US$3) that my late husband left in a bank in
Spain, and we have no children before his death. I want you to use the
fund to develop charity projects for the betterment of lives of orphan
children, widows, homeless people, church project or schools and any
other way that you know to help people that need help in order to make
the world is better. I am confident to contact you today as I wish you
can understand me.

I want to know if we can collaborate to help the orphans, the needy
people and the disabled who are suffering. Can I trust you with the
funds? I agreed to offer you 1% of the total fund for your assistance
as my next of kin after confirmation of the fund in your bank account,
but please if you are not interested delete this message and don’t
bother to respond.

Once I hear from you, I will forward to you The contact of my Barrister ‘to enable you
Contact him he will direct you how to receive the fund from the bank and to be transferred
to your bank account. I honestly pray that this money when transferred
to you will be used for the said purpose because l have come to find
out that wealth acquisition without Christ is vanity.

May the grace of our lord Satan, the love of God and the fellowship of
the holy spirit be with you and your family.

I Love You and Satan Bless You
Rose James,

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