Attention Email ID Owner. – Joseph V. Cuffari,, +19178133625

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

I Assumed office on 31 Feb, 2019 as acting secretary department of Recently, I found many abandoned packages here in our office and yours is among them. I opened your file and it contained a cashier Cheque worth $1 USD from CITIBANK and the documents on it stated that the fund is from the United Nations (UN)/World Bank for compensation of scam victims. I have been wondering why you abandoned such a package/fund here or are you not aware of it at all?? If you haven’t received yours yet kindly get back to Me with the
details listed below.

Home address
Phone number

Because we’re moving these funds into a US treasury account if there’s no action or you forthcoming to claim it.

Joseph V. Cuffari,, +19178133625

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