Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

REF: -XVGNN82010.

We have been asked by the President and the governing body of the United
Nations Monetary Unit to investigate the uncollected funds that have long
been payable in the UN government basket, During our investigation
According to the record of data storage from our system with your e-mail
address, your payment is among a list of 2 recipients categorized as:
Undelivered lottery fund / unpaid fund / Incomplete transfer of inheritance
funds / contracts.
We are appalled to find out that your payment has been unnecessarily
delayed by corrupt bank officials in an attempt to deprive your fund,
leading to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delays in receiving
your payment. The United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
have decided to pay all compensation to 2 recipients from North America,
South America, the United States, Europe and Asia, and around the world via
bank to bank wire transfer, as it is a global payment technology that
allows consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments to use
digital currency instead of cash and checks.
we are contacting you in respect of your unclaimed Compensation funds of
(2) two dollars,I’m writing to you
once again to congratulate you on this great victory,We sent this message
to you a month ago but we don’t hear from you, i am not sure if you
received it and that is why we resent it to you again ,In this regard, you
must contact and provide the required information to the Directorate for
International Payments and Transfers as follows; s

1. Your full name :::::::::::::::::::::::::
2. Telephone number :::::::::::::::::::::::::
3.Your currrent e-mail address. ::::::::::::::: name;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Use this code (Ref: CLIENT-69) as the subject of your e-mail address for
identification and try to provide the above information to the officials
below for the transfer of your fund,Be informed that we have concluded all
necessary arrangements
regarding the transfer of your fund to be sent to you as soon as you
contact the bank director mrs minick with the information below.
Therefore you should send the required information to her as soon as
possible to avoid unnecessary delays and
To avoid further delays, we’ve requested your urgent response to this email
per the instructions.

Patricka Minick,,

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