Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

United Nations Assisted Program – UK
3 Whitehall Court
London-SW1A 2EL.

I am Mrs Hellen Steward, the newly appointed director General in
charge of approving & releasing all owed yet unpaid foreign payments
and also the special adviser to the United-Nation. You have been
selected through our computer ballot Your Consignment registration #:

I am delighted to inform you that the contract/Inheritance panel of
the UN, which just concluded it’s seating in London just released your
(E-mail Id & Name) among the currently approved beneficiaries who are
to benefit 100% from this very diplomatic 2nd quarter payment of the
year. This panel was primarily delegated to investigate all genuinely
owed debts and claims as it has been over due.

This package in a Golden metal box valued $6.5Million US (Six million
Five hundred thousand Us Dollars) has arrived JOHN F Kennedy
International Airport
qUeens, NY from Heath-row airport London Through Diplomatic sealed.

At this moment, I wish to use this medium of communication to inform
you that for the time being the (UN) has completely stopped further
payment through bank to bank transfer, ATM Card, Bank Draft or Check
Payment due to numerous petitions received from the united states
home-land security, the FBI, IMF and other financial and security
agencies to UK Government against our banks on wrong payment and
diversion of innocent beneficiaries owed funds to a different
account,the diplomat agent already arrive in the united state with
consignment box conveying the amount to be delivered to you.

Please reconfirm these information’s : .
1. Your Full Name: ……………..
2. Your current address: … …….
3. Your phone number: …………..
4. Nearest airport to your location………
5. Your Occupation: ……………

Contact the Diplomatic agent

Info below to speed up your Delivery Today.

Cargo Unit Terminal 5 Extension 1
JOHN F Kennedy International Airport
qUeens, NY 11430, United States

Respectfully Yours in-service,

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