Mr. Edward Rogers,,, +22960446136

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Dear Friend,

I have paid for the delivery fee of your parcel to the FedEx Courier
services Benin. They promised that your parcel will leave immediately
they received your re-confirmed information to avoid wrong delivery.

Now contact them with your detail information below. The only money
you will send to the FedEx is for official security keeping fee which
is $9 to enable them settle the security department of their company
and deliver your parcel direct to your home address in your country
which you will forward to FedEx in the below contact information soon

Here is the requested information needed by the Director of the FedEx
Diplomatic Division which they instructed me to email you to provide
for them while contacting them for easier identification when the
diplomat arrives in your country ok.

Kindly re-confirm to them the following information:

Your full name: ______________________
Your complete address______________________
Name of city of Residence: ___________
Country: ___________________________
Your direct cell phone number: ______________
Nearest airport: _____________________

I registered it with the FedEx Courier Company in the name of Computer
accessories as its content and I didn’t let them know that it contains
ATM CARD in the amount funds of US$3 because of fear of
betrayal or to avoid the Diplomat man made away with your ATM card
containing the sum of $3 ok.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Edward Rogers,,, +22960446136

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