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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Good day to you!!

I am John Glover Roberts Jr, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the
United States. I would like to inform you that your fund issue worth
the total sum of $9 US Dollars was brought to my office this
morning to cancel by Mr. Charles W. Scharf the Chief Executive Officer

sponsor activities to enable our service have the authority of
releasing the payment to you and register it with US MAILING POST for
over-night delivery to your address withoutdelay.

understand that the imposed fee $3 of Affidavit of claim Ownership
might be too much for you to pay now, So we further make things easier
for you by discussing with new President Mr.Joe Biden and the US
Senate committee on your behalf.

They have given you the grace of sending only $5 to enable you to
afford this only fee after the Diplomatic Agent delivers your ATM Visa
Card to you, then once you confirm your $9 US Dollars, you
can then pay the remaining balance of $3. All we want you to do
right now is to go ahead buy a $50 Google Play Card or Steam

Wallet for immediately issuing the needed Affidavit of claim Ownership
to enable the Diplomat to make the delivery to your home address
today. I advise you should send the required $5 to secure the
Affidavit of claim Ownership to enable them to ship your ATM Card that
worth $9 US Dollars to regain your financial freedom and have
enough money to live on and establish a good business for yourself and
your family. But if you don’t need it then I can change your name to
another person to receive the fund on your behalf so that this
Government will not claim this money but I know that you will love to
have it. The ATM package will be successfully safely delivered within
2-hours/ without any hitches or delays. Therefore. I will advise you
to go ahead and buy a $5 Steam Wallet card or Google Play Card
because it is the only problem we have on finalizing the assignment on
your behalf. Please quickly run now to buy the Google Play Card to
secure the Affidavit of claim Ownership whi
ch will show that the transaction was made through the full capacity
of the Government and will not be queried for certain circumstances.

All necessary official modalities are being finalized in your favor.
Send the $5 Steam Wallet card or Google Play Card so we can direct it
to the right office imposition to release the document. And
immediately you make the payment to them the document will sign and
your ATM parcel will deliver to your address without delay.

Please, I want you to know that you have from now till the end of two
days to send the $5 Google Play Card or Steam Wallet to receive your
ATM package worth $9 US Dollar. Therefore, the days of you
being subjected to paying twice Double Payment is over as that is the
case with some corrupt officials down there in Africa.

have in receiving your ATM package so do not fail to notice this
wonderful moment to have your fund that you have been looking for a
way to make it a reality. This is an official notification and we
advise you to treat it with utmost urgency. Reply this email with the
ITUNES CARD or google play card and the below contact details
immediately you receive this email for immediate shipment of your
funds. kindly reconfirm your delivery information to avoid wrong

1. Your Full Names___
2. Country___
3. Home Address___
4. Phone Number___

Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.
Please we need an urgent reply to avoid.

Yours Faithfully,
Julian, julianaoladipupo1@gmail.com, officefile6645@gmail.com, +2348102473294

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