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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

International Debt Settlement Unit,
REF: -XVGNN82021

Dear Beneficiary!

In fact, we have been authorized by the newly appointed Minister of Finance
and the governing body of the United Nations Monetary Unit to investigate
unclaimed funds that are long due in the government basket at the United
Nations, which which has made landlords confused into thinking that they
have been defrauded by scammers using the United Nations name, during the
course of our investigation. According to our system’s data storage log
with your email address, Your payment is among the list of 150
Beneficiaries categorized as: Undelivered Lottery Fund / Unpaid Lottery
Fund / Incomplete Transfer Inheritance / Contract Funds.

We discover to our dismay that your payment has been unnecessarily delayed
by corrupt Bank officials in an attempt to defraud your fund, resulting in
so many losses on your part and unnecessary delays in receiving your
payment. The United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have
chosen to pay all compensation funds to 150 Beneficiaries in North America,
South America, the United States of America, Europe and Asia and worldwide
through the card. Visa ATM, as this is a global payments technology that
enables consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments to
use digital currency instead of cash and checks.

We have arranged your payment to be paid to you via a Visa ATM card and
this will be issued in your name and shipped directly to your address via
DHL or any courier service available in your country. Upon contacting us,
the sum of US $ 1.500,000.00 will be credited to the Visa ATM card and this
will allow you to withdraw your funds at any ATM in your country with a
minimum withdrawal of US $ 10,000 per day. Your limit can be increased to
US $ 20,000.00 per day upon request. In this regard, you must contact and
provide the information requested to the Directorate of International
Payments and Transfers with the following;

1. Your full name (first and last name)
2. Your full residential address and your country
3. Nationality
4. Date of birth / sex
5. Occupation
6. Telephone / fax number
7. Your company email address / Personal email address.

Use this code (Ref: CLIENTE-966/16) as the subject of your email for
identification, and try to provide the above information to the officers
below for the issuance and delivery of your Visa ATM Card;

We have advised the banking agent to open a private email address with a
new number to allow us to control this payment and transfer communications
to avoid further delays or diversions of your fund. Please contact your
United Bank for Africa agent now with the following contact details:

Compensation Funds Transfer Department (United Bank for Africa)
Contact email:(*
*)We require your urgent response
to this email as indicated to avoid further delays.

Mrs. Kristalina