Regards! – Mrs. Linda Brown,, +2349028098810

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

e officially informed that the re-activation fee and the delivery
charges of your parcel have been settled with the board directors
after the meet, You are free now to receive your approve Master ATM
card through deliver firm listed as directed. All that you are to do
is to contact the delivery firm for delivery of your ATM Master CARD
urgent.It was done by our email random selection for all Unpaid
contracts/inheritance funds and scam victims to be compensated.your
mail address was among selected,I have sent this email to you last
time and you did not contact up till today.Now you should required
urgent to send your full delivery information to the delivery firm.

Then you should immediate reconfirm your full details as required:

Your name:
Your country:
Your home address:
Your Tel phone number:
Identity card:

Do this as soon as possible if you wish to receive your ATM Master
card this proud in time, The total sum loaded in the card is only (
$9) The only thing you have to pay is
the officially approved security keeping fee charges of $0.90usd
only.Then you should ask for their method through which you will be
use to send the required as directed.

Mrs. Linda Brown,, +2349028098810

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