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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dear Prospective Partner,

My Name is Mr. Fulham Martins. I am from the United Kingdom.
It is my resolve to contact you for an investment plan in your country. It is
no more a secret that investments are thriving fast in your country.
Therefore, I want to invest in your country and want you to be my
business partner.
I am ready to invest in any sector such as Manufacturing, Agriculture,
Real Estate, Hoteling,etc. or any other business that has good return
on investment/profitable.

If you choose to be of assistance,I am ready to send the CONSIGNMENT
FUND BOX to your country regarding the investment
collaboration/partnership or do a direct bank transfer to your account
based on whatever modalities the investment will entail.
I am presently based in the United Kingdom and would like to know
whether you are ready to partner with me on this. Kindly indicate your
interest to enable us proceed.
Thank you in anticipation as I look forward to reading your reply on

Best regards.

Mr.Fulham Martins.