Dear winner good news to you!!!! – Mr James Henderson,, +2348170798660

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Please be informed that your long awaited compensation funds payment,
$2 has finally been approved but it has also been
brought to our notice that a gentle man named NEIL Jenner has just
forwarded a new bank coordinates, claiming that,he is your next of kin
and that you are dead. Now, here comes the big question:

Did you authorize the above mentioned person to claim your funds? Are
you truly dead or alive? Is Jenner your next of kin? If no, kindly
reconfirm this information and get back to us with the below
information for verification as the wire will be done within 69hours
from this notice:

Your name:
Current home address:
Telephone Number:

Thank you
Mr James Henderson,, +2348170798660

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