Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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We actually find it surprising that you couldn’t finalize your
transaction with this Bank last year 2021,

The report proves that your transaction was unnecessary delayed by the
corrupted staffs of the bank, the handlers of your transaction with
the bank in the past, He attempted to divert your transfer to his
personal Bank account, He used illegal processes to delete some
details of your transaction in the Bank system before He was
apprehended by the Bank authority with the help of the international
monitory fund (IMF). We deeply apologize for this unlawful act as
well the delay; The Good news is that your fund is still intact / safe
with the Bank. Because this transaction was officially registered in
your name and the said fund has been credited to ATM Account issued in
your name time ago for safety reasons. And you are the only one
authorized to have direct control over your ATM Account for the safety
of your fund, you can making withdrawal at any active ATM machine of
your choice there in your country as soon as you confirm the ATM Card
package in your position,

be informed that your ATM Account is inactivated and it needs to be
activated before we could sent the package to your receiver address in
your country, following this updated communication we urgently invite
you to the bank to sign the necessary documents accordingly, you can
also apply for the bank advocate who will stand before the bank to do
the needful things on your behalf,

please be advised to reconfirm the required information bellow and the
bank law chambers details will be forwarded to you in our next mail if
you can’t come to the bank in person,

1. Your Full Name:
2. Your occupation:
3. Gender:
4. Nationality:
5. Private Mobile Number:
6. Your loss amount to the scammers if any:
7. A Copy OF Your ID card OR International Passport:

You should ignore any anonymous contact(s) henceforth; all massages
should be forwarded to us officially for guidelines and necessary
information(s) as to what you should do to avoid mistake or further

Thanks for banking with us,
(Mr Andy James)