Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Head Office Address
Buffalo, NY 14240


The US government on foreign/local payment in its last meeting with the
deputy governor of HSBC Bank gave a final approval for the immediate
payment of all the foreign contractors who for long executed their contract
in United State of America without receiving their contract payment.
In view of this present development, we wish to inform you that your
contract fund has been stated for immediate remittances but action is on
your contract payment following a change of account application filled in
by one MS SANDRA KAY TALSMA with the new account details as follows:
Beneficiary:MS SANDRA KAY TALSMA: Account NO: 761751781 ROUTING:
0720000326 Swift Code:CHASUS33. BANK NAME : CHASE BANK: Addresses
This account information which was submitted by MS SANDRA KAY TALSMA did
not come with VALID POWER OF ATTORNEY, it is this issue that compelled me
to contact you so as to receive confirmation from you on the change of

If this change of account was authorized by you, it has to be written in
company letter headed paper stamped and signed by you; Reconfirming to me
the following. 1. That the application for the change of beneficiary was
done with your consent.
2. That the said fund should be transferred into the above account. This
has to be done immediately because we will not entertain any enquiry from
your so called agent who came to this office demanding your contract
payment by cashier cheque, telegraphic transfer or certified bank draft: If
in the alternative you did not permit any body to effect such a change of
account, authenticate your disapproval to this office in your letter headed
paper with all the contract and account details clearly stated.

This is to enable us avoid errors in transferring of this fund. HSBC Bank
will not be held responsible for any wrong information given to us. You are
expected to contact this office on the above telephone or e-mail and reply this message as soon as you receive

Yours faithfully,
Mr Vincent Megan