.This is a secret ,Thanks for your understanding .

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: victordavis884@gmail.com

I am Sergeant Victor Volesky a First Class in the United States Army.
Currently assigned to the United States Army Recruiting Command
(USAREC). I am stationed in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. Prior to my
current assignment, I was
stationed at Lordsburg, new Mexico where I served in the 8,2nd
Airborne Division and 1st Army. I deployed to
Iraq in 2014- 2018 but presently now am back to Afghanistan for my last
mission. I am MOS qualified as an 11B – Infantry man, 42A – Human
Resources Specialist, and 79R – Recruiter. I need your help sir/madam in
assisting me with the safe keeping of two boxes seized from one of our
raids to the Taliban hideout that contained inside [one] amount of
$11.5,000,000.00 Million Dollars, and [two] 100 kilos of gold and 100
kilos of diamond respectively .I want to trust you in this deal and hope
you can be trusted. As you may know, the US/NATO have started troop
withdrawal. I will explain more as soon as you accept to work with me
.This is a secret ,Thanks for your understanding .

Best Regards,

SGT Victor Volesky

Kabul Afghanistan