Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dearest beloved one,

I am Mrs.Mary josen from Northern Ireland, 68 years old,

I’m married to Mr. Daniel josen. who was a contractor with the

government of Ivory Coast for eleven years,

before he died in the year 2014 after a brief illness that lasted only
four days.

We were married for twenty seven years without any child,

which makes me an unhappy woman. Now I am affected with cancer of the
lung and breast with a partial stroke which has affected my speech. I
can no longer talk well and half of my body is paralyzed, I sent this

email to you with the help of my private female nurse.

My condition is really deteriorating day by day and it is really
giving me lots to think about. This has prompted my decision to
donate all I have for charity; After going through your profile,

I decided to donate to you the sum of (4,500,000.00 EURO) which I
inherited from my late husband.
to you as my investment manager. I want you to
build an Orphanage home with my name ( Mary josen) in your country.

If you are willing and able to do this task for the sake of humanity

I will give all relevant information that will authorize the

release and transfer of the money to you as my duly assigned

your sister,

Mrs, Mary josen