Richard Wagner,, Fax: 5129571742 <— No one uses Fax Machine today, you stupid $12 scammer

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Welcome to the Supreme Court of Canada
74 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON N1H 3T9, Canada Ontario Superior Court of Justice,
Fax: 5129571742.

Attention Dear beneficiary:

From the desktop of. Hon. Judge Mr. Richard Wagner, (Born in Montreal on April 2, 1957). I took office on December 18, 2017. I am the Chief Judge of Canada.

I am sending you this email regarding your $ 12.00 inheritance payment of funds. Twelve US dollars in custody of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

This is to inform you that the Lottery Winner’s payment is in the amount of US $ 12.00. was legally approved and deposited with the Bank, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) The lottery won by your
email address via the selected active online email address of the prize sponsor Coca Cola Company. It was registered with your email address by the Executive Directors of the Coca-Cola Company Canada

Branch Lottery Board,

I am writing to notify you that Mr. David I McKay, the President and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, visited my office with an envelope containing copies of the documents and the documents are his lottery winning payment file. They stated that he renounces his lottery prize and that the purpose of visiting my office is to seek support and have my signature on the documents for the easy confiscation of his US $12.00. to the government budget account as you do not want to receive it. but with the experience in the judiciary, I refused to sign the documents.

However, for humanitarian reasons and sympathy. I immediately called Mr. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and explained his matter regarding his payment and he personally called Mr. David I McKay, Executive Director of Royal Bank of Canada to reduce the payment from US $ 3 to US $10 in order to help you pay the fee.

To this end, you will be interested to know that each and every required fee / charge has been reduced to just the sum of $1 USD. This step is to allow you to pay this one-time fee and receive your Visa ATM card. NOTE: Each proof of documentation for your fund has been packaged and sealed to be mailed along with your Visa Card to your address.

You only need to purchase $1 Google Play cards and Steam Wallet cards or iTunes card The ONLY charge you will pay before your package leaves your address. You will never pay a penny again as agreed and signed here in the Court of Canada that you will never pay any other money other than the $1.

Please note that you have from now until the end of two days to make the required payment and receive your Visa ATM card. I don’t want you to doubt me about this because after sending the money you will surely share the testimony with your family and with the church where you worship.

Therefore, the days of being liable to pay twice the double payment are over, as is the case with some corrupt officials back in Africa. The payment approval documents have been acquired for the smooth delivery of your Visa ATM Card of US $ 12. You were awarded the investment fund to alleviate the economic crisis and be profitable and help others in need as a measure to ease the present. economic hardship.

This is your last chance to comply with the instructions or else I will close your fill, making it impossible for you to receive your fund in the future. You have only two business days to comply or you will lose this great opportunity.

Thank you and God bless you.

Rt. Hon. Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of the PC Canada
Ontario Superior Court of Justice,
Fax: 5129571742.

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