Response Is Needed

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dear Friend,

I am most pleased to communicate with you despite not meeting you
before, but have gone through your profile and became convince of your
ability and honesty.

First about me, I am Dr. Aisha Gaddafi the Daughter of the formal
Libya president that was killed by Rebels with the help of Nato (
Muammar Gaddafi ).

As you should be aware I am currently residing in Oman, unfortunately
as a fugitive because the Oman government brought me and my family in
under strict conditions that undermine my freedom.

At the meantime, my family wealth is the target of Western nations who
wants to seize all that my late father has acquired at all costs. Most
of our investments and bank accounts in several countries are their
targets to freeze .

As you may know since after the death of my father, the governments of
the west and united states have seized our monies and assets that are

You can see for yourself below

we were given a free passage to Oman after Algeria as a nation
betrayed us on our trust and confidence in them. I arrived Oman with
my mother three kids and brother. We have been made to sign that we
will not involve in any business , no communication with the outside
world phone calls are banned in fact we are living in a disguised

We have secret deposit funds of US$46million(Fourth Six Million United
States Dollars only) deposited in a trust name in Dubai, UAE with a
Security Firm. (name withheld for security reasons)

I will like to appoint you as my trustee to claim the funds on my
behalf, invest them and get an entitlement If you agree to transact
with me.

I look forward to reading your comment and contributions on the best
way forward.

Truly Yours,
Princess Aisha Gaddafi