Agnes Adolphusm, the Sluty Bitch,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Hello Dear,

I know you will be surprised reading from me today but consider this a divine intervention. My name is Agnes Adolphus, the slut widow with stage 10 cancer and been very horny all these while.

I saw your email in my search for someone I can trust to assist and utilize the proceeds realized from my estates and investments for charity, basically helping the less privileged, slut widows and orphans because according to the doctors my days are numbered. I want to ride on your everyday and make you happy.

I desire to entrust this amount of hornyness in your care and It is my last wish to use this money strictly for charity hence seek a sincere heart to actualize this as my sex drive no longer permits me. But I am still very horny.

I am willing to give you a substantial part of the funds for your personal and sexual needs so reply to my email and give me your word never to betray my trust, so reply for more information as I’m not always online due to my health. I have to rest now and will explain further when I hear from you. God bless you,

Mrs. Agnes Adolphusm, the Sluty Bitch

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