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Sometimes people think that they have to be “perfect” in order to achieve their goals.

What’s more, a lot of folks think that if they make a mistake, then they have failed.

And for some reason, that mistake is a signal that they should just give up on their dreams.

I tell you what, nothing could be further from the truth. Consider what Babe Ruth said:

“Every strike brings me closer to the next homerun.”

Babe Ruth is considered one of the best baseball players of all time.

He didn’t hit a homerun every time he was at the plate. What’s more, he didn’t even consider a strikeout a failure.

That’s because he used it as a lesson on how to do better next time–which put him one step closer to a homerun.

Now consider how this applies to you…

The 12 rules for life devised by Jordan Peterson are a perfect platform to help you to accept that there will always be shortcomings in every aspect of life, but you can still build the one you want.

Your most ardent admirer.

Steve. V. Meyer

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