Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

This is UN secretary office,we have a consignment truck from the United Nations worth of USD$6,800,000.00.In your name which Our Diplomatic agent will be arriving to DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT WASHINGTON DC to commence with the delivery to your location.

Contact Mr Stewart Devin your delivery Agent to enable him complete the delivery to your destination.!
email DIP:::: or sms or call at +3328770913 OR WhatsApp me with +12182302570 ) he will be arriving with your package to complete the delivery.

Mean while Reconfirm your full information as listed below:

Full Name: :::
Age/Sex: ::::
Your current Address::::
CellPhone number: ::::::::
City: :::::
Nearest Int’l Airport::::
A copy of your ID/Occupation::::

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