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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: yayabobo17845@gmail.com

Je vous ai invité à remplir le formulaire suivant :
Formulaire sans titre

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How are you? I am an international lawyer working with notable companies in
Asia, Africa and Europe. One of the companies I represent legally is
presently in search of a reliable representative in USA. I think of you for
this offer. Their objective is to supply constructing materials, heavy duty
and hospital equipments worth millions of dollars to the United states. You
will serve as their representative in all financial transaction between
them and their partner companies in America. All financial obligations will
be taken care by the company. You will be given all necessary assistance
you may need to do this work. Of course, this will not hinder you from
doing your own personal business or work

. Reply to e-mail ……..john_brown1972@hotmail.com

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