From Mrs.Ameena Essa.

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Good day.

My name is Mrs.Ameena Essa from Saudi Arabia. I am a widow suffering from
Esophageal cancer, My cancer disease has defiled all forms of medical
treatments. And according to my doctor, I have few months to live.But
before I die, I want to donate my inherited ($10.7 Million dollars) to you
so that you can use the money for humanitarian aid and charitable works,
Including building of religious houses in your country or any country of
your choice. I have also mapped out 20% of the total sum of $10.7 Million
for you as a reward for your help in carrying out this task.

If you are interested in helping me carry out my last wish, please reply to
this message to enable me to give you all the details.

Best Regards.
Mrs. Ameena Essa

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