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Dear Beneficiary,

I write to inform you that the Federal Government have gazetted to
Compensate all the people that lost their money in hand of FRAUD, this
Compensation is to retain the good image of this country,your compensation
fund will be pay to you via Certify Bank Draft, A copy of this Draft will
be send to you which you will tender to your Bank for the confirmation of
your fund, kindly reconfirm the following information:

Your name in full
Your telephone and fax number
Your contact address
Your age and occupation

Furthermore, also bear in mind that to obtain this Bank Draft will cost you
just $120 this is the only money it will cost you which the Bank Draft will
be deliver to your door step, Federal Government instruction, if you can
not take care of this $120 do not reply, because this is final payment for
this year, I am waiting to hear from you, do repy me

Mr. Addia Eric
Bank Draft Department

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