Hello My daer Good day,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Hello My daer Good day,

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Hello My daer Good day,

Am here by informing you about the transaction that you have been
doing with some scammers about this very fund of Yours .

We the FBI and FBI director has observe the none legit transaction
that you have been spending your money on and your time also. And we
have decided to get you arrested for the dirty business you have been
doing with those scammers which I told you earlier to quit and block
them as well for none of them has anything to give you as your fund as

Right now am giving you this chance to be free all because of the good
relationship we have successfully made by each other If not you will
be arrested for doing those transaction with the unnone scammers that
call them self's an agent

Right now the only challenges or penalties you need to do right now to
regain your fund back to your self is to try all your possible best
and come up with the SECURITY ALLOWANCE fee which is $100 only and
once you pay this fee everything will be settle immdieatly and also
successfully obtained your fund from the IMF okay we will send you an
agent who will deliver your fund to you immediately without delay okay


my Number +1(501) 386-1752

Mr.James Joel.

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