D.C.B NO. 0855750 SCS

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Calle santa lucia11,4. 28001, Madrid España.

Batch Nº: ROC/K231

Ref Nº: KET213H                                                                   

Tel: 34 911 231 117


                                                             NOTIFICATION                                      4th of December 2020.

Dear Beneficiary,

We write to inform you that the Agencia  Tributaria Office of Unclaimed Fund Department of the Security and Exchange Commission here in Spain has decided to verify and confirm the true identity of the owner of the Fund which was left unclaimed and later got invested in the   capital market and managed by an investment company since over Five Years (03/09/2016).The capital together with the profit from investment as accrued till date is (€9, 998,888.45) Nine Million Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Eight  Euros Forty Five Cent.

The original sum of (€ 615,810.00) Six Hundred Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred and Ten Euros was awarded to you after a coupon which your name was attached emerged with the winning Batch number : ROC/K231, Reference number : KET213H, the coupons were bought by a Coca-Cola company, who in order to enhance their chance of winning collect and bet on names from around the world. Soon after your names emerged as a winner, a letter of notification was sent to you, but you did not complete the process of claiming the fund. The money was then released to the Aciete Olivia olive oil investment company, which invested it in profitable stocks for two years.


The money was to be released to you after the initial period of investment expired, but because there were so many complications with the address of the winners, some notification letters were probably sent to the wrong addresses. This resulted in some false applications for the claiming of the money by some unscrupulous individuals, in response to this problem, The Agencia Tributaria Office of Unclaimed Fund Department of the Security and Exchange Commission here in Spain ordered the money retained in the Department of Unclaimed Fund pending the conclusion of an investigation to identify the true owner/owners of the fund.


To make sure that the legal procedure is followed in the payment of the money to the real beneficiary, The Agencia Tributaria Commission has subsequently hired our firm to act as legal consultants in the processing of the unclaimed fund.

For advice, on how to begin your claim, we request you to contact immediately, our senior partner, Enrique Blanco. and Partner Chamber Foreign service Manager, Dr. Enrique Blanco Gomez : Email: EnriqueBlanco20199@accountant.com  Tel: 34 685 091 224

Furthermore, your interest for the processing and payment of this money to you must be made before the 31st of December 2020, the money will be reinvested automatically after this date, Please do let us know if you would like the money to be reinvested. If after verification, you are confirm as the true owner of the money, our responsibility as Attorney is to ensure that due process is followed, and your interest protected in the processing and payment of the money to you, we will commence the procedure as soon as we receive your reactivation form and instructions. Please,  fill the fund processing form and send it back to us  by E-mail: EnriqueBlanco20199@accountant.com

Also send a copy of the data page of any of your official identity card like either International passport or a copy of a driver’s license for reconfirmation of data’s as a true beneficiary by Email. EnriqueBlanco20199@accountant.com

Always quote your reference winning batch number: ROC/K231, reference number: KET213H in any of your correspondence with us.

We happily congratulate you and look forward to representing you.


Yours faithfully,                                                                                                                                                       


Barrister Ortega Gazette Raul,

Agencia Tributaria

                                           FILL THIS FORM AND EMAIL BACK  TO ,EnriqueBlanco20199@accountant.com


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