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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Hello Dear,,,

On my honor, I wish to introduce myself as Mr frank Edmar Addo Financial
consultant represents the interests of top civil servants, military chiefs,
politician and wealthy business people from West African Sub-Saharan,
Southern and East Africa.

Recently one of my clients, a retired member of the Angola's state oil
firm (SONANGOL) mandated me to move and re-invest his liquid assets to a
country with high economic possibility for investment and profit purpose as
well as safe keeping to be managed by a reliable/trustworthy business

The amount involved in this project is USD 50 million. If you are willing
to receive this funds for re-investment under a non-disclosure joint
venture agreement for a renewable period of 7-10 years with an estimated
(ROI) return on investments of between 20-25% each financial year.

Please do reply with a brief but clear and unambiguous proposal of your
intended business ideas/projects/areas of specialization you wish to secure
investment for, after review of your intended project for investments, if
acceptable, I shall inform you in details about the financier and then
prepare a memorandum of understanding cum funds management agreement and
send you draft copies for your review.

It will be necessary for us to meet in persons to discuss the details of
funds transfer process with the bank manager in the bank. Our physical
meeting will also help us clear all doubts and fears of possible scams.The
venue of our meeting should either be in Angola or Ghana.I am presently in
Ghana to meet with the bank presently holding part of the funds.

Once again, I assure you that this offer is a legitimate offer and all due
process of international business,; banking and legal ethics would be
adhere and followed during the course of this business.

Once I get your reply, I will outline the stages and process of this
business. please Reply to Email…….j..frankaddo37@gmail.com

Yours sincerely,
Mr Frank Edmar Addo
Financial consultant.

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