Last Notice OF Your Fund®

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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The IMF Giving Together is the IMF’s corporate giving program which
supports employees’ giving back to the community, both locally and
internationally. The IMF Giving Together Program encompasses: (i) staff
Giving (previously Helping Hands); (ii) disaster relief appeals; (iii)
management donations; (iv) grants to local and international charities;
and (v) staff volunteering activities. [1]

You have a fund of $500,ixbnnd000 awaitiyykang to be trantvwmosferred to
your accodgmqpount. This is a rewluemyrard from the iydrmUnited
Natwfswgions and IMF alpgetlocated to the benefiyugmciaries on
bqwlklrandom seledbwrwction in the dwbokpoverty eraqahhdication
Prgxrtqogram. Also note that this fund is monitoimahvpred by the FBI to
make sure it gets to the rqorkiightful uvnqobeneficiary. If you
lamvdon’t cltiortaim your fund now it will be cancelleddxnxfc.

We have mandatxdtcxed the affilicsacfnate paymenfpfptt cenmprtter to
releaxfwwse your axhnsqfund. The only tdplhkhing now is for the
authorizrblsation and trlsakpansfer of fufcxldinds into your
aclwglcount. The only fee you have to make is 110 Euro just for the cost
of terfwbyransfer becauufgkcse othxtiuer expxsbvgenses have been
takeaxuhqwn care of. Note that the cost of tranavjkfsfer cfjydrannot be
deductmejsqmed from the fund bsamhipecause of lack of “powqfokbaer of

You need to contfeyxuuact the affiliafwnuecte paymelnqdonnt
officeeuujnkr Mr. eeutJason Paejnwuge, emoxesrrail: (
_jasonpage.imffund@mail.ee_ ) and send them the fee so they can get your
fund transferkosasred to you withowkwcbut dcupotelay.

Bar. Jhgvperry Lawrencemjvvf(Esq)(R)
Phaeqaaone: +1 7pktag20-552-3574
WhatxqtsmcsApp +1 631nexbxj-336-2038