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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

GOOD DAY, I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of
approaching an unknown person for establishment of a project and
investment. But I respectfully insist you read this message carefully
before you either make your decision of proceeding or deleting my message,
as I am optimistic it will be successful for unimaginable financial benefit
for both of us. I am Mrs Zenani Mandela, former ambassador of South Africa
to Argentina in 2012 until 2017 when I was appointed as the South African
high commissioner to Mauritius. The first Daughter of South African icon
and freedom fighter late Winnie Madikizela Mandela , The Wife of The
former President of South Africa from 1994 till 1999 who died on December
5, 2013 after a protracted lung infection contracted during his 27th years
of incarceration in Robin Island prison.

I managed to get your contact details online here in Johannesburg South
Africa in my desperate search for a trustworthy person to assist me in this
confidential business transaction. My Late Mother Winnie
madikizela Mandela has just died On 2nd April 2018, and she left
behind some funds in a trust fund account Amounting to US$15Million
Dollars. I want this fund transferred out of South Africa for investments,
and some of it be used for charity. Therefore indicate your full interest
in assurance of trust, so that we can actualize this great opportunity
together and share the benefit together by the help of God. And in the area
you are not interested in this deal please kindly ignore it immediately. If
interested; kindly responses via my email, your full names, private phone
numbers, or call me.

With Regards, in sincerity,

Mrs Zenani Mandela

Phone: No +27 -73-4444-602


4th Street Houghton Estates

Johannesburg South Africa