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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

I’ve invited you to fill out the following form:

To fill it out, visit:


I have earlier written you on this matter, but did not receive any response
from you, hence I took another decision to resend this message to you as
it is in your

favour and I am very sure that you will have a relief as soon as all
procedures is done. I wish to notify you that I have been directed to
contact you today by
the Department of Relief Fund Payment{D.R.F.P.W.B.} of the World Bank in
conjunction with the United Nations Foreign Debts Management {U.N.F.D.M.}
to release a certain

sum of money to you as a stimulus fund for your welfare.

It was established that you rendered assistance to some person(s) in the
past who sought your help to assist them move out a certain sum of money
out of their country

to your own country for business investment.
However, after using you and subjected you to spend lots of money to
achieve this purpose, the fund was not released to you as they promised.

There is a particular amount of money that has been approved to be paid to
you as a stimulus fund to assist you cushion the effect of all you have
gone through and to

further discourage you from dabbling into such dubious transaction that may
be introduced to you, either by a citizen of this country or from any part
of this world

demanding for your participation in any contract business you never bid for
or applied for, or standing as next of kin to any unknown person not
related or known to


You are hereby advised to reply this message and indicate your interest to
receive this sum of money by furnishing us with the below information:

1. Full Names:

2. House/Office Address:

3. Occupation:

4. Telephone Number:

The above information will assist us to commence immediate processing and
release of your fund without much delay.kindly contact me on this email:


Best regards and wishes,

Jeffrey Martins {D.R.F.P.W.B.}

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