Good Day,

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Good Day,

My name is Dr. Doyin Salami, work with Maikanti Baru the former group
managing director of the NNPC,now currently working with the president
I developed the desire to invest huge sum of money in your country.

I am writing you on the believe that you have the capability to manage
and invest these funds for and on my behalf in your country for our
mutual benefit, and bear in mind that this is going to cost both
parties money to secure the huge fund as a contract and everything has
to confidential because of my position.

Should you be capable to handle this investment do confirm to me so
that i will give you more details. Please should you not be capable to
handle this deal, kindly let me know so that i can look for another
person to partner with.

Yours truly
Dr. Doyin Salami

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