From Mr.Chusak Jaidee.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

From: Accountant General Of
Kiatnakin Bank Thailand.

Dear Beneficiary,
I am mr. Chusak Jaidee, the newly appointed accountant general of Kitnakin Bank Thailand. I have been assigned to your compensation funds payment case file for the verification and remittance of your compensation funds of $10.7 Million Dollars from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund IMF. You have been selected by the world bank and IMF to receive the above funds as compensation for being a victim of scam.

After diligent verification of your funds payment file, I was able to discover the reason why you have not yet received your payment all this while, because there are some serious discrepancies preventing the release of your funds to you.

A man from South Korea submitted an affidavit on funds your payment, claiming to be the real beneficiary of the funds, and he has finalized all arrangements for the funds to be released to him through his below stated information.

His bank Details are: KEBhana Bank account Number: 192-890042-12338.
BANK PHONE:82-053-754-2651
BANK ADDRESS: 1037-9,Manchon 2-dong,Suseng-Gu, Daeku City, South Korea

He claimed that you have given a power of attorney to him to receive the funds on your behalf. As a result our bank’s remittance department is about transferring your funds into Mr. Koh Youn Huem’s bank account before I discovered the discrepancies and decided to place a funds remittance stop order to the funds transfer until I hear from you.

As it stands now, Mr. Koh Younhuem has completed all the funds remittance statutory obligations and my bank have recognized him as the beneficiary of the funds, so if nothing is done as soon as possible to stop him, the international remittance department of my bank will effect the transfer to his account immediately.

Please get back to me to confirm if you have given a power of attorney to him to receive the funds on your behalf to enable the completion of the remittance to his nominated bank account above. But if in any case that you did not give him a power of attorney to act on your behalf, also let me know so that I will inform you on what to do to enable you redeem your funds within 48 banking hours.

I await your urgent response.
Accountant General of Kiatnakin Bank,



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