Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Attention From Dr EUNICE CHAN
Sequel to the recently concluded AGM meeting of this great Bank and
the Hong Kong Monetary Authority with COVID 19 Pandemic going on, we
have decided to attend to some Applications of over due payment of
some of our Customers.
After considering your application for your payment with
correspondence to the Central Bank of United Kingdom. United Kingdom
Financial Arbitration Council, official directive has been forwarded
to my office to notify you of the pending process as we slot in your
file for payment.
Sir, having concluded all requisite procedures on your Inheritance
Claim Transfer, we decided to contact you for your payment.
We assure stakeholders that this Bank is well positioned to offer best
service to any banking customer anywhere in the world and meet their
expectations. Our shareholders will also continue to get competitive
returns, as the bank is being placed on the path of sustainable
Please, signify my responding to this email to show that you are still
alive and still using this Email address before we can proceed with
the payment.
Re-send me your phone,age,occupation and bank details
Awaiting your response.