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Dear Beneficiary,

Your fund has been approved and endorsed by the United Nations
Organization ,and have been confirmed with the instruction and approvals
given from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI), Washington USA regarding the transfer of your total
fund of USD $10,700,000.00.

Due to the incessant scam activities going around the globe, the Federal
Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Homeland Security Director, MG Timothy J.
Weinberg, Adjutant General and Director State Military
Department ,Washington Military Dept., Bldg 1 Camp Murray, WA 98430-5000
has instructed our Financial Institution to use high Performance in Banking
System to convey your fund to you via Bank to bank wire transfer.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) have signed to monitor this
transaction to make sure you receive your fund legally and to avoid any
unnecessary delay.

Now, you are advised to provide the below listed details for verification
and security checkup before your total fund will be transferred to you to
avoid any mistakes or error after transferring your fund.

Full Name:
Full Address:
Direct Telephone Number:

We await your urgent response as soon as possible.

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