Business Expansion *Capital

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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My name is Cahil Frank an advertising agent with Eurocredit & loan services, the company pays me commission as per each client introduced to them. The Company specializes in providing equity funding for projects and corporate also Personal loan funding at 3% Interest Rate for duration of 10 to 15 Years. They also have financial capability to provide early stage funding including fresh cut BG’s, MTN and MT760.

They are a private equity firm made up and funded by indigenous investors and Lenders as its shareholders across the Asia Region, with support from the Hong Kong government at our disposal.

NB: * Starting up a Franchise * Business Acquisition * Business Expansion *Capital / Infrastructural Project* Commercial Agriculture * Commercial Real Estate purchase * Contract Execution * Trade Financing etc. funding is from USD$1 million up to USD $2 billion depending on the nature and viability of the business, investment or project. We are open to having a good business relationship with our clients. If you have a profitable project. Investment or business, kindly contact me so I can forward the contact information of this Loan company so you can contact them to share your loan executive summary and any project/business you need funding. They will give you the best and most reliable services.

Kind regards,
Cahil Frank