Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Good day, and I hope you are safe from this pandemic troubling the world.

I work with an online lotto company as the lotto machine coordinator and the lotto supervisor.

I have discovered a way to fix the winning number with the lotto machine to make any person win the lotto jackpot of US$15.4 million.

I will send you the winning lotto numbers to play the game, and also send you the ticket to play.

You will not spend your money to play the game, and all I need is your trust that you will keep my share of the winning safe. We shall share the winning 50/50%.

I contacted you because we are not related and you are not my known friend, no one will suspect me if you win the jackpot price, because it’s an online game and you are from another country far from mine.

It’s not illegal or a crime, it’s a free game for all and you play just like every other player that plays the lottery and wins.

If you are interested, please mail me back for more detailed information.

Please I hope I can trust you to keep my share of the winning safe and also handle my conversations with you confidentially?

The Lottery draw comes up every Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays.

Mr. J. Ward