Your documents at Ulster bank in Belfast

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Your documents at Ulster bank in Belfast
The claims requisition (Biometric Data) is Avilable with Ulster bank
Further to our previous correspondence, my visit to Ulster Bank in Belfast was successful. The bank’s management has received details of my intent and positive response has been accorded.

Official processes involved in the claim of fund, include; Submission of official application (Letter of Recommendation) introducing your name to the bank as the asset manager to access the account for subseuent receipt of fund receivable.

I have taken some steps further to begin the process of claim at the bank.

Your phone,address,company address,age,occupation,ID CARD OR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT and new bank account is needed in your country or in[UK] united kingdom.

your identification and ceritication exercise is also needed

Mr Tom Roody