From Paul Aku

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

My name is Paul Aku, I work with Deally Security
Services Ltd and I want to be straight in my proposal, I need a
working partner on this business I am about to discuss and please if
you are not capable, please decline and if you think you can connect a
like mind who is capable, I will be glad to work with you on that so
you can equally make some good cash.

First, it is important to know the nature of the business before
accepting it and it needs absolute honesty, truthfulness, and discreet
from both sides because we shall all smile to our Banks after we
successfully execute the deal.

I work with the computer /database of my company, it is my duty to
record depositors data, I have realized that I can move this deposits
with you if you can corporate and can get possible a financier to
assist in this business venture.

No money is to be paid to our company Deally Security Services rather
your presence is only needed to get the gold and the family treasure
exported to the destination of sales and we can share the proceed.
Please if you are capable to assist me in this on your response, I
will start with the process to get the deposit information deleted and
replaced with yours as well plan to get a bullion van to move the
consignment to a safe place on your arrival.
Your duty is to do the export to your desired destination of sales.

I will not contact any other person until I hear your response.

Paul Aku