EU based Investment Funding and Project-Finance firm

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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From: Mr. Jermain Clarke

Attn: Dear friend

We are credible, competent and reliable EU based Investment Funding and Project-Finance firm, with magnificent
financial capacity to provide huge loan Funds to finance your projects.

Our Finance Company can approve project funding between USD $20 million up to USD $100 Billion (without collateral) depending on the nature and viability of the business, investment or project; Tenure / repayment of Loan between 15 years years with only 3% interest annually – Interest rate beings after 3years of receiving the Loan Funds in your account.

We Lend huge Millions of USD/GBP to business individuals and companies as loans (without collateral) to finance projects or expand their businesses.
We are ready to Finance and Expand your business, investment or project, once give us the business plan and executive summary for assessment and review.
Contact us urgently TODAY via Email address:
Send Reply to us for more details if you or your friends need Loan Funds.

Yours faithfully,

MR. Jermain CLARKE