Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dear Friend,
I am David William a banker with a wife and four children. I have a
customer in my branch where I head as a manager and this man that bank with
us here bears the same name as you, he died because of the coronavirus he
is a gold dealer.

Before this man died the fund he deposited with us has no next of kin and
it was placed in our escrow account because he wanted to use the fund to
buy his gold and when he was in the hospital he told the doctor to contact
me and when I arrived in the hospital he told me to use the fund for
humanitarian purpose, such as orphans and others. I’m contacting you now to
claim this fund as his next of kin. I searched personally and got your
email address.

If you refuse to claim this fund meaning after some time my head office
will call for the fund and we lost it forever. I have studied everything
and I have also done my home work properly there is no risk at all involve,
I am a family man I cannot do anything stupid. Please let us work as one
family. We will give you 30% of this fund while 30% goes to me and 40% will
be invested in your country based on the area of investment we agreed upon.
Once you agree to work with me and I give you all the details and you
follow up with my head office directives this transaction will take only
three working days the fund will hit your bank account of your choice. The
amount is $5,330,000.00 only.

Get back to me so that we can proceed with my personal informations and
Best Regards,

David William
Tel: 233 544753686