Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear Partner,

The Federal Government of Nigeria has discovered that over $14billion US
Dollars has been looted from the Past Nigerian Leaders since 1960.

Recently over $151 million US Dollars was just recovered from the former
Group Manager of NNPC whose name is Mr. Andrew Yakubu and over $177million
U.S.D was also recovered from another corrupt leader of Nigeria.

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My name is Mrs. Jane Fralwer, I am a Senior Financial Expatriate to the
United Nations and also a Financial Adviser to a prominent personality here
in Nigeria with whom every recovered looted funds is placed under his
custody & for security reasons his identity can not be disclosed.

I have been empowered by my client to present a business proposal to you.
My client has carefully withdrawn a total sum of untraceable $6.25million
US Dollars and he needs you to help him receive the fund. Be rest assured
that it is 100% Risk free.

Here is my proposal, 50% of the total fund belongs to my client. 35% of the
funds belong to you while the remaining 15% of the fund belongs to me as
the facilitator of the business.

Upon acceptance of these terms, if you are interested in this business and
wish to proceed with it, please forward your Name, Home / Office Address,
Occupation and Telephone Number to : gcfr.company@gmail.com, you will
receive further instructions after your response has been confirmed.

Mrs. Jane Fralwer
Senior Financial Expatriate to the United Nations
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