Mr. Henry

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dearconfidant, I am soliciting for your assistance in transferring of EightMillion Two hundred Thousand United State Dollars into your account and topartner with youfor an intended investment in your country. You will take care andpreserve the fund in your account until my arrival in your country for the investmentin any lucrative business you may advise me on. The fund is being held under anon- investment account with (SCB). Please I’m not into business before, I am a Banker but I want to join business now am about to retired, And 30% of the total money will be your share.
Fund Origin: The money was madethrough an over-invoice contract sum executed by my local branch. Thecontractors have been paid and the work commissioned remaining the balancewhich I seek to transfer into any of your nominated account. I will programyour name on the account holding the fund as the original depositor for onwardremittance to your account overseas.

Kindly get back to me immediately ifyou are interested for further explanation.
Yours Faithfully
Mr. Henry