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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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My name is Engr Dr. Bilal Muhammad A Syrian citizen in Arab Continent. I trust this email meets you in good health, I just got your contact today during a research about your country and I will say that I foresee the success of my future investment ventures in your country.

I want to relocate my businesses and companies to your country due to the crises we are facing here in my country which has totally killed our economy and put over 160,000 companies in bankrupt. So I would like you to assist me with moral and physical advises so that I can archive my dream if you want I can also partner with you so that I can relocate to your country and establish my businesses and companies in your country. We deal on,
1. Real Estate Business: Apartment/building, Hotels with modern facilities.
2. Cement Plant/Industry (Manufacturing and supply)
3. Raw/waste Materials recycling
4. Energy and lighting Solutions, Mining Corporation

Upon receiving your reply,I will send you all my CV and identities for a prove.

Thanks as I look forward to hear from you soon

Dr. Bilal Muhammad