Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: chanthavyouk@on-nets.com

Hello my dearest friend,
My name is chanthavy ouk, a Cambodian citizen,working as a foreign transfer manager at a well known bank here in Cambodia.
I contact you for a reason and I will like to go straight to the point. One of our late customers who died as a result of a car accident along with his families shared similar family name with you. He died 9 years ago and there is no information of any of his relative whom could inherit his fund in his account here in our bank.
So,I think we can work things out by sending you all his banking details for the claim as soon as you reply my message.
I know that there are so many online phishing emails or SPAM which has been the universal terms to describe any unwanted and unproductive activity performed on the Internet as commercial emails do not have its benefits for businesses or some other important communications.  However, many individuals and companies have abused the technology of the Internet so much that almost all commercial emails are referred to as SPAM.
So I urge you to take this email serious and reply so that we can proceed further.
Thanks as I look forward to hear from you.
Ms.chanthavy ouk