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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Hello Dear,
I would really like to have good relationship with you, and I have special reasons why I decided to contact you.i decided to contact you because of the urgent of my situation here now.
I’m Amanda Williamson, Army surgeon General. from Australia. Certainly, this is to bring to your notice, that  I am in United States at the moment with our troops on going peace keeping in the area, based on the situation on ground here in the military zone camp we are not allow to make use of mobile phone, we only make use of radio message and email communication, I have decided to communicate via emails only.
My dear, listing to me and read this message very well, I have the sum of $ 3.600 000 millions dollars which I got from oil deal here in United States. This $ 3.600 000 millions dollars has been deposited in Citibank by the military officials and the military officials have made solid arrangements with the bank and the bank have promised to transfer the fund to any of my chosen destination as soon as i present the rightful beneficiary who will. help me to transfer the money
I decided to contact you to help me transfer the money to your account. and you will help me to invest the money in your country. Since i have survived two bomb attack here, which prompted me to search out for a reliable and trust worthy person to help me transfer the fund.
Due to the United Nations policy on United States, there is a plan to move some troops out of United States and I will be among the people that will be moving out. My dear I cannot take the money to the Australia because since they know me as military personnel, they will want to know how I come about it. Due to this, i have made solid arrangements with the bank to help me transfer the money and they have accept and promised to transfer the money to my choosing destination.
Is very urgent issue because my assignment here will be over soon I need to send this money out from here fast, that was why i decided to contact you to help me transfer the money.here in the military zone camp all our activities are monitored, This transfer is going to be handle legally. I want you to stand as my rightful beneficiary and help me receive the Money.
My dear, i want to plead you not to discuss this matter to any other person until the fund is transfer, I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray or turn my trust nor thwart my dream.
It is my intention to compensate you 40% of the total amount of money for your services and the balance will be my investment capital. This is the reason why I decided to contact you. As soon as you receive the transfer. i will resign as a soldier and fly to meet you in your country for the investment. also i may decide to marry from your country.
I would be grateful for your urgent communications indicating your ability and willingness to help me receive the money to your account. my dear i will like to know more about you and your country also send me your pictures.
Best regard.
Gen. Amanda
Email; megwilliamm2074@gmail.com