European Monetary Control Agency ( France Chapter )

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

European Monetary Control Agency ( France Chapter )
50 avenue Pierre Mend├Ęs France
75201 Paris Cedex 13
Date/1 2 -09-2020

Attention Approved Beneficiary,

The EMCA oversees the international monetary system and monitors the
financial and economic policies of its members.It keeps track of economic
developments on a national, regional, and global basis, consulting
regularly with member countries and providing them with macroeconomic and
financial policy advice.

Following directives received regarding your approved fund amount of
$5,500,000.00 USD,which has been due for clearance.We officially write to
inform you that we have been mandated to effect the approved payment to
you successfully through the paying Bank,the Royal Commercial De France in
Paris France,via on-line Banking without any delay and final transfer

Contact below information of the Royal Commercial De France.

Royal Commercial De France
37 Rue de la Bucherie, 75031 Paris, France

Electronics Email addresses
Email: Or through their
official website…….
Tel :+33 757 906 299
Fax :+33 701 076 466

In accordance with the statutory regulations and orders governing payment
transactions, the European Monetary Fund Circulation Board (E.M.F.C.B),
with the Inheritor authorization, shall be entitled to credit the
beneficiary account within 24 working hours after the Royal Commercial De
France required charges is paid,within additional mandatory 72 working
hours granted by this organization for the beneficiary to clear his fund.

European Monetary Fund Financial System Stability Assessment including
Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes on the following topics:
Banking Supervision, Insurance Supervision, Securities Regulation, Payment
Systems, Monetary and Financial Transparency, Securities Settlement Systems.

Sequel to this development, we have screened all the banks NETWORK
SYSTEM and discovered that your PERSONAL INFORMATION including your Name
and E-mail appeared as the TRUE beneficiary of the *Fund-on-Hold.*

Contact the Royal Commercial De France via above contact information for
immediate release of the approved payment gradually as instructed.

While congratulating you on the anticipated payment of your final approved

Thank You and your swift response and compliance will be to your utmost

Your’s Faithfully,
Mrs.Georgina Bell
Public Service Announcer
European Monetary Control (France Chapter)