For Sale Jet Fuel Kerosine Colonial Grade A1, D2, JP54, D6

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Greetings to you, we are Tamoil Netherlands under penalty of perjury, confirmed as seller, with the full corporate responsibility to supply our product to the above mentioned Buyer, hereby introduce this offer with below terms and procedures for Jet Fuel (Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade),A1, D2, JP54, D6, Mazut (M100), REBCO, LNG/LPG,UREA,Bitumen.

Note : First spot trial transaction of 1,000,000 bbls and thereafter, if agreed by all parties. Contract Term : 12 months minimum (with rolls and extensions).

Payments Term : MT103, BG or SBLC via MT760
POP : Provided as per documents list in contract Inspection by SGS.
PRODUCT : Jet Fuel (Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade),A1, D2, JP54, D6, Mazut (M100), REBCO, LNG/LPG,UREA,Bitumen
Quantity(JET FUEL A1) : 1,000,000 BBLS.


Our suggested procedure is :

Seller send SCO for available products.
Buyer send ICPO and CP.
Seller send CI, Buyer sign and send back.
Seller issue UDTA for the Buyer to arrange for dip test in seller tanks at buyer costs with buyer SGS team.
After a positive result of the dip test, the buyer will take over seller tanks or will release his TSR for injection.
Seller will inject to buyer tank.
Buyer will pay total amount of the material by MT103.
Seller will change the title.
Seller will pay all commissions.

The prices and commission structure would be discussed once we get your intent for the purchase of any of these products.

Thank you.
Best regards,

Contact Details Below :
Name : Mr.Ronald Kempen (PhD)
Departement : Sales Manager and Tank Rentals (Tamoil Netherlands)
Email :

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